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Phlat Ball
Phun Tag

The Phlat Ball V3 is the best toy to get you dashing through the snow! Grab 2 or more family members or friends and get ready to have some Phun! Our version of tag uses the V3’s unique ‘popping’ feature to make this game a jolly good time!

A dynamic multi-player game of tag featuring Phlat Ball’s unique time-delay to regulate the action!


Objective: Be the last player in the game

  1. Each player is given a number.
  2. To start play,€“ One player sets the time-delay, places the Phlat Ball on the ground and yells out another player’s number.
  3. Everyone then runs away from Phlat Ball except the player whose number is yelled.
  4. This player waits for Phlat Ball to ‘pop’ into a ball, then picks it up and yells for the player to stop€.
  5. He/She then chooses a player and takes 3 giant€ steps or 10 €œbaby€ steps toward him/her.
  6. œTagging€ the player with Phlat Ball (by tossing as a ball) removes the player from the game.
  7. The time-delay is again set and another number yelled.
  8. The game continues until one player remains.

Phlat Ball
Phunky Monkey

Grab a pair of friends or even more and get ready for some Phunky Monkey – another take on a classic game thanks to the altering action of Phlat Ball V3. Turn a timeless classic game on its head and get ready for high energy fun.

The popular keep-away game of Monkey in the Middle gets a serious upgrade with Phlat Ball V3.


Objective: Keep the Phlat Ball V3 away from the €œMonkey

  1. Each player pick 2 people to be €œenders€ with one or more €œMonkeys❠in the middle of the €œenders€.
  2. €œEnders throw Phlat Ball V3 as a disc to one another and cannot touch it until it transforms back into a ball.
  3. Monkeys can get the Phlat Ball when it is a disc or ball.
  4. If a €œMonkey€ gets the Phlat Ball, the œender€ who last touched the Phlat Ball switches places with the €œMonkey€.


Today's game is Phlat Potato and is great fun for the whole family. Perfect for a small space indoors, on the school bus or ‘go long’ and make it a faster, bigger game outdoors! Phlat Potato even works as a great party game:  think pass-the-parcel without needing the music!

The classic frantic-action game of Hot Potato€ featuring Phlat Ball'€™s unpredictable time-delay transformation


Objective: Be the last player in the game

Before Play:€“ Players sit or stand facing each other in a circle.

  1. One Player sets the time-delay by collapsing Phlat Ball into a disc.
  2. The disc is then passed or tossed from player to player in a counter-clockwise direction.
  3. The player who first touches Phlat Ball after it pops into a ball is out.
  4. The game continues until one player is remaining.